Who Is Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast

Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast (PFC Paranormal) is a paranormal group of professional individuals looking to provide a resolution to our client's paranormal claims.  We also look to promote and expand the community's knowledge of the paranormal.  Based in Jacksonville Florida, we service Northeast (Jacksonville St. Augustine) and Central Florida (Gainesville) as well as Southeast Georgia (Brunswick).

What We Do

If requested, PFC will conduct a full paranormal investigation of the home or business in question.  Since we are a Non-Profit organization all services are completely FREE.  We will review the claims of the client and document any paranormal evidence.  We will also provide any logical explanation of the claims as well. We bring with us a wide variety of devices and equipment.  But we also utilize a Medium during our cases.  We use our documented data to validate any claims that the Medium shares during the investigation.  

Promise To Our Clients

First and foremost we want to provide a trusting and open environment for our clients.  We understand that dealing with a paranormal experience can be trying.  So we want to provide not only support but an understanding of why it is happening.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients have the end result they are seeking.