Willowbranch Library - PFC Paranormal

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The Oldest Operating Library located in the Avondale are of Jacksonville, Florida

PFC was asked by the Completely Booked Podcast crew to join them in an investigation of the Willbranch Library.  Located in the historic Riverside Park area.  The Library was built in 1929 making it the oldest operating library in Duval county.  
This location has never been investigated, but there were claims of a female presence in the meeting room downstairs.  Voice or conversations could be heard in the upstairs stakes.  So PFC set off to validate these claims!  Our Medium spoke to several spirits that night.  One being Sarah, she made herself known a few times with our Dowsing Rods and K2 responses.  

Below is an EVP was captured in the meeting room.  You’ll hear Misty ask if the spirits name is Sarah, and she confirms.

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