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Misty Founder & Medium
From a young age Misty had multiple terrifying paranormal experiences. She never realized what was truly happening to her until a friend witnessed one of these events. After that, Misty’s journey with the paranormal began. Over the years, Misty developed and mastered her investigation skills. In 2008 she joined a seasoned paranormal investigation group in Northern Kentucky where she developed her talents as an investigator and Medium. Misty then decided to bring her years of experience to the great state of Florida. She and her family settled in Jacksonville where Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast (PFC Paranormal) was born.As a child, Misty didn’t have anyone to help her understand the unexplained experiences she was having. From this beginning grew her desire to help people with their paranormal concerns and questions.  Misty understands that extending a helping hand during a difficult time goes a long way, and she makes a point to listen and be understanding of each individual paranormal situation.
Tami Lead Investigator
Tami was interested in the paranormal from a very young age and started reading books on the subject when she was in high school. Throughout her life, she's experienced numerous personal events from having prophetic dreams to witnessing apparitions, and she has the gift of clairsentience. Yet, in spite of this, she remains very skeptical. She always looks to the "normal" first to explain the paranormal.
Tony Lead Investigator
It has only been in the last 10 years or so that Tony has become very interested in the Paranormal. As a child, he was actually terrified of all things unexplained. Today, he is probably our most skeptical investigator even though he has had numerous encounters that would challenge anyone's skeptisism. Once the manager of a haunted attraction in a REAL haunted house, he has been touched, scratched, and even had his name called by something (someone) that wasn't there. Tony is also our web designer and tech consultant and is almost always up for an adventure into solving the questions of paranormal and cryptid events.
Bree Investigator
The paranormal has always been a passion for Bree.  During a public investigation with PFC, Bree showed a great passion for investigating and provided logical explanations for some of her experiences.  Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge encouraged her to become a paranormal investigator. As an investigator, Bree strives to be understanding and open-minded and to assist clients who may be confused or scared of their experiences.
Brian Investigator
Brian is a Florida native and Navy veteran who has has lived in the North Florida area for almost 20 years. He was a skeptic when it came to the paranormal and believed everything could be explained logically. However, in 2017, all that changed when he began experiencing unexplained events in his own home. He now has a desire to explain and explore the paranormal, to help other families overcome their fears, and take back their homes.
Sara Psychic Medium
Sara is from Colorado and has been able to sense spirits and energies since childhood that always frightened her.  When Sara was 16 years old she realized that she had a gift for giving readings to others and predicting future events. At this time she became fascinated with the paranormal and learning everything she could about her gift and the energies she sensed around her. She was able to conquer her fears and wants to help others find peace and understanding with the spirit world through readings and investigations with PFC Paranormal.
Brady Case Consultant
Brady not only has dealings with paranormal research, but also has a passion for Ufology (UFO) research. Brady provides a logical and sensible view during our cases and mans our command center as we investigate. Brady has proven multiple times that his intuition and “gut” feelings are in tune with our Medium's readings during cases. Brady also assists with our client interviews and discussions.
Jeannine Trainee
Jeannine has had a lifelong interest in anything that is unexplained. She has witnessed unexplainable phenomena that makes her a believer that there is more out there than is currently explainable. She feels that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. In Jeannine's personal work and investigations she has dealt with several phenomena that definitely show there is more out there than most people think.
Meg Trainee
Meg has been interested in the paranormal and unexplained since she was a young girl.  After having her own experiences with the paranormal, she decided to seek out others who shared her interests.  She is intuitive and passionate about helping others process their own experiences with the paranormal.   She strives to help clients regain their sense of peace and calm after unsettling encounters.  
Kolbey Trainee
Since he was a young boy, Kolbey has always known he was different.  He's experienced apparitions, shadow people, and someone calling out to him from time to time.  The paranormal has always been an interest and a part of his life.  Kolbey is very intuitive and is excited to learn more about his talents and himself on his new journey.  
Steven Trainee

Misty Trainee

Michael Trainee

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