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Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast (PFC Paranormal) was founded by Misty Darnell. In 2016, Misty made the move to the First Coast. She brought with her the experience of approximately 300 case investigations and over 17 years of paranormal research.  Using her knowledge and spiritual gifts as a Medium, she formed PFC Paranormal.

We at PFC Paranormal pride ourselves on providing our clients with an understanding of their paranormal concerns and questions. Our investigations consist of controlled and positive lines of questioning. We conduct all investigations with the utmost respect for all parties. All evidence, whether paranormal or scientifically debunked, will be presented to our clients.  We then partner with our clients to determine the best resolution for each situation in order to provide the client a sense of closure.

PFC’s main goal is to provide a helping hand to those in need. We strive to provide an understanding and non-judgmental environment for our clients and to educate the community in all things paranormal. All of our team members have experienced the paranormal in one way or another, and these experiences allow us to provide a better understanding of any situation.

Since we are a Non-Profit organization, all investigations and resolutions are conducted completely free of charge. All of our equipment and funding is donated  by our members who are all volunteers, and any other donations are welcomed and appreciated.
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