We All Float Down Here - PFC Paranormal

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Private Residence in the South Mandarin Area of Jacksonville, Florida.

The client had contacted PFC due to concerns for not only the paranormal activity but it was beginning to scare their toddler.  The main part of the activity centered in the child’s room and closet.  Their toddler kept speaking about a scary man that would wake her up.  The client could also hear movement in the child’s closet. They had also experienced shadows, feelings of being watched, and breathing on the back of their neck.  
During the investigation PFC had 7 investigators.  The biggest response we received was with our SLS camera.  Misty asked the spirit to move and it did on command. We also received responses from our dowsing rods and on command responded with the K2.  A few of the investigators experienced light anomaly’s as well.  
Once PFC left the location the client had experienced the shadow figure again and decided to move. PFC offered to clear the home but the client had already made arrangements to move.  During the reveal the client was very thankful for validating their claims.  
SLS video was captured when our investigator Tony felt a cold spot on his back.  The interesting thing about this video, is after the entity crawls up the wall.
At the time the video was captured,  we have an EVP saying “I’m Above You”
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