The Singing Ghost - PFC Paranormal

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Private Residence in Orange Park, Florida.

When the clients purchased the home is was relatively new.  But they started noticing unusual things as soon as they moved in.  Over the 13 years of living there multiple family members and friends would experience the phantom doors closings and footsteps.  Thinking someone had returned home they would call out to them with no response.  The family would also experience a female singing.  It was told that the previous owner’s daughter had passed away in the home.  But we were not able to validate that information.  
The family noticed an increase in the activity when some of the younger siblings used a Ouija board.  After living with the activity for so many years they became concerned when their grandson, a toddler, began to talk and reach for things that wasn’t there.  Then a full-figured Indian Shaman was seen in the main bedroom.  This is when they called PFC in.

PFC conducted an investigation with 3 of our investigators.  That night we experienced a flash light turn on by itself.  We also seen spirit lights appearing in different rooms of the home.  Footsteps where heard in hallway of the home.  When the Medium was walking through, she indicated a Bridge or Portal was open in the home.  This caused different entities to come and go as they pleased.  When PFC returned for the clearing of the home.  The client stated that they had seen the apparition of the female spirit in their pool area which was enclosed.  Once the clearing was performed the client hasn’t had any issues.  
No - You will hear our investigator ask "did you turn on the flash light".  She then gets a response
Sing - You will hear the home owner talking and telling us an experience she had.  You will then hear a female humming.  
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