The Shadow Man - PFC Paranormal

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Private Residence in the Doctors Inlet Area of Clay County, Florida.

This client had lived in their home for five years.  There wasn’t any paranormal issues or concerns till the family had their first baby.  When they returned from the hospital, they first noticed a shadow moving in their hallway between the nursery and the extra bedroom.  As time went on the paranormal events increased to toys moving/going off on their own, and a full body apparition appearing in their bedroom.  What caused the most concern was a male voice speaking through the baby monitor stating not only the child’s name but also “he’s mine”.  
PFC conducted an investigation with 4 of our investigators.  That night we experienced a child’s walking device move about 6 in.  One of our cameras was shaken violently during the investigation.  Our investigator Tony, also felt a cold spot on his right side.  When we used the Thermal Camera, we seen that the right side of his body was almost 15 degrees colder.  Our Medium communicated with at least 3 spirits that night.  One a male, female, and child which we did capture EVP evidence of the male and child.
We believe the client brought the spirits in via the hospital when their child was born.  The client did ask PFC to conduct a clearing of the home which was performed.  To date the client hasn’t had any issues.  
This clip was captured during setup, you will hear a small child come in and say "No"
This EVP of a Male, was captured in the child’s room.  “Get Out Of My House”
As Misty walks out of the room you’ll see the camera violently shaken.  
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