The Rambling Ghost - PFC Paranormal

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Private Residence in the St. Nicholas Area of Jacksonville, Florida.

The client had contacted PFC to discuss options for her paranormal issues.  It seemed the client felt she had Psychic abilities which resulted in the home being haunted.  We offered to do a walk through of the home first.  During the walk through not only did our Medium confirm that the client had abilities there was also a portal opened in her home.  The client had experience walking in their attic crawl space and what sounded like a rolling barrel.  Their closet doors in their bedroom and hallways would open on their own. Feelings of being watched in all parts of their home.  But they were worried about their special needs child that would speak to unseen things. She would also get out of bed to play with her “friend”
During the investigation there was 6 PFC investigators.  All of the investigators that night experience a numbness or pressure on the right side of their body.  A shadow figure was seen by multiple people.  Also, a box of toys was flipped over when we asked to make itself known. What really amazing PFC was that we were able to capture the closet door opening on its own.  When PFC returned to do the reveal our Medium was able to confirm that client’s gifts.  We were able to provide guidance on how to clear her home and protector herself when using her gift.  
This was captured in the same bedroom that the door opened.  A man says “Get Out”
This is a video of the closet door opening.  Note, that the door is pulled three times before opening
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