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Whitehouse Area of Jacksonville, Florida.

PFC was the only paranormal group allowed to investigate this historical location.  This property is located on West US 90 and was constructed in 1839 to serve as a stage coach stop.  This building has housed many different businesses throughout it's history. It was first a supply stop for Union & Confederate troops during the Civil War, then a Tavern, and a Brothel which was runn by the Duval County Sherriff. Rumors also have circulated that Al Capone hid out here when it served as a Boarding House. Then became a Store Front and lastly a Haunted Attraction.  Thoughout it's history, there is only one documented death on the property. This occured in the late 1980's in the front part of the building.  A man, Bobby Brown, was caught breaking and entering when the home owner / store proprietor shot him and he bled out on the floor.
When the last owners were inspecting the property, in preparation of purchasing it, they came upon a young man hiding in the shadows.  They later discovered that the young man they had seen was a family friend of the previous owner who had passed away.

There are several spirits which haunt not only the building but the grounds itself.  During the Halloween season and during construction prior to opening the Haunted Attraction, the actors would experience numerous events which included; audible voices, child apparitions, poltergeist activity, and physical contact.

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, in the summer of 2019, the property was sold to a new ownership group who are renovating the building and plan to operate a rental reception venue.  The new owners did contact PFC with regards to activity the contractor's were experiencing during the renovations.  Their claims included tools that were being moved, audible footsteps along the wooden floors, unidentifiable voices, and all the doors in the building closing at the same time.
Stay tuned for MORE haunted happenings from the Old Spanish Trail, as we are sure we have not heard the last from this place.
The following EVP was captured during our walk through of the residence. There were 2 female investigators at the time this was captured. You will hear a 3rd female come into the conversation. "I was falling"
This EVP was captured during setup, so you will hear knocking and movement. But you clearly hear a child come in and say... "Monkey"
This EVP was captured when the owner was telling us about a paranormal experience they had had. "No"
This EVP was captured in the theater and was telling us "I'm scared"
Dowsing rod questioning on our final investigation. These videos also demostrate how we use "trigger" questions in the attempt to validate the answers we are receiving.
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