The Evil One - PFC Paranormal

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Private Residence in Middleburg, Florida.

By far this is the most negative case PFC has dealt with.  The clients were a young couple with a toddler.  They contacted PFC stating that they felt a demon was attacking not only them but their child.  It was stated that the child’s eyes turned black and one of the clients had been possessed. Also, a full body apparition had been seen by multiple people in the kitchen moving items. Two of our investigators offered to do a walk through of the home first.  As soon as you turned onto the property you could feel the atmosphere change.  We were told stories of demonic activity and murders supposedly done by the previous owners.  PFC was not able to confirm any of this but there was something really wrong with this home.
During the investigation PFC had 4 investigators.  We noticed during our K2 sweep that one particular cross would set our meters off.  We investigated the wall which didn’t have any hard wires running through it. Before we started the investigation two of our investigators heard a very loud and audible child laugh.  
There wasn’t anything in that room or the others that could create that noise.  During our lines of questioning we were met with aggressive responses.  We wrapped the investigation within 2 hours because one of our cameras was lifted off the tripod and sat back down.  For the safety of the family and the team we ended the case early.  This is the only case PFC couldn’t offer a clearing, we believed it to be demonic.  Two of our investigators ended up with a really negative attachment from the case. Both were cleansed of the spirit. The client did eventually go their separate ways.  The female didn’t experience any paranormal issues once she felt.  
This EVP is of the child laugh we heard.  Now the clip was caught in one of the back bedrooms.  But the laugh was so loud the recorder caught it.
This clip is an intelligent response to Misty’s question.  The reply is “Kevin”
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