The Cat Shadow - PFC Paranormal

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Private Residence in the World Golf Village area of St. Johns County, Florida.

Both clients had experienced paranormal happening their whole lives.  So, activity in the home was minimal till one of the children was hospitalized.  Once they returned home, they noticed the activity in the home had increased.  One of the children was the main target of the activity.  He would see a cat like shadow jump from his bed and run into his closet.  They would also hear noises and footsteps in the child’s room.  Additionally, the previous spirits started to make themselves known with the unwanted presence in the home.  Their infant daughter would play and react to an unseen presence.  They would also hear a woman speaking.  Cold spots were experienced throughout the home.  Poltergeist activity would also occur.  
During the investigation we had 5 investigators.  While in the child’s room, two investigators seen a white light appear in the middle of the room about 8 in in length.  We also heard audible responses from a woman as well as a child whispering.  When PFC returned for the reveal, both clients had addressed the spirit with force.  The activity ceased!  But we were able to confirm the client had a female and child which was later identified as a relative of the client. PFC felt that this spirit was a protector of the family.   Additionally, we feel the negative spirit was an attachment the child picked up at the hospital.  
This evp was captured while investigation the clients bedroom.  We asked the female spirit why she was still here? She answered 'the son's.
This evp was also captured in the main bedroom.  We belived the boy and female were speaking with each other when we get the word "Mom"
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