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"PFC Paranormal is phenomenal!  Although I moved before they could cleanse the house and do their thing, they made me feel at ease that he was a nice ghost and he wan't there to harm us.  They made me feel so much better about my move, and they assured me that they didn't feel anything at my moms house since I've been paranoid since we left.  They also drove all the way to my moms to go over all of the evidence, and they do all of this for free!" 
Kaylee- Jacksonville

"Amazing Group and helped our family, thank you very much!"
Brian - St. Augustine

"We all appreciate you and Tami coming out to our home and really felt your compassion and heartfelt spirit of wanting to help not just us but the others that were here. Over the years we had thought about having someone come out but was always hesitate and I've always believed that God puts people in your path in His time. I'm glad we waited because I do feel that He led us to you. Very blessed.

Thank you both for helping us and your reassurance that all is good here. I'm very glad the kids didn't feel the need for a cleansing either. I did mean to tell you and Tami that since your first visit not a single thing has happened- nothing moved/hidden, no noises anything.

Thank you for the readings, we're still in awe of information that came thru and from whom!

PFC Paranormal is going to help a lot of people that in a situation like ours they might be very scared and have no where to turn. I wish your whole team the best and God Bless"
Jeannie - Jacksonville

"My wife and I would like to thank Misty and PFC for coming out to look into our problem. I work in a hospital trauma unit where people pass away in my presence quite often. Evidentially, one of my patients who passed descided to come home with me. Misty was able to identify the person and ultimately cleanse our house and help this man pass on"
Dalton - Jacksonville

"Thank you for the great presentation to the ACT Guild.  It was very interesting and informative. "
Marilyn - Fernandina Beach
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