Testimonials - PFC Paranormal

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"He/She is gone! It's been a quiet week! Ya'll did it. Many thanks !!!"
Bonnie - Jacksonville
"Thank you so much for helping me! I'm so grateful for your gift 🙂"
Kandice - Jacksonville
"PFC Paranormal is phenomenal! They made me feel so much better about my move, and they assured me that they didn't feel anything at my moms house and they do all of this for free!"
Kaylee - Jacksonville
"Thank you for the great presentation to the ACT Guild. It was very interesting and informative."
Marilyn - Fernandina Beach
"Amazing Group and helped our family, thank you very much!"
Brian - St. Augustine
PFC Paranormal is going to help a lot of people that in a situation like ours they might be very scared and have no where to turn.
Jeannie - Jacksonville
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