Now I Know my ABC's - PFC Paranormal

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 Private Residence in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

The clients had been living in the home for five years.  They had noticed the activity as soon as they moved into the home.  It started with the ABC magnetics on their refrigerator being arranged in odd ways.  Thinking it was their grandchildren they ignored it.  Then they started finding pennies in and around the home. Conversations could be heard from their back room. The mail had been thrown from their counter’s multiple times. Finally, a male voice yelled “change it” they feel was referring to the TV.  
During the investigation PFC had 4 investigators.  The Medium immediately picked up on a young child which was leaving the pennies and moving the magnetics.  Then there was a male spirit in the home as well.  PFC felt this man was dominant person in life which caused the harassment of the client’s wife.  We did experience an audible response from the little girl.  Also, our investigator Tony, had seen a shadow figure in the client’s hallway.  When we went back for a reveal, we offered a cleaning of the home which was conducted. The client hasn’t felt the negative male spirit but the little girl continues to play with the magnetic.  
This EVP was captured during the beginning of the investigation.  You’ll hear Misty speaking with the client.  But you can hear a child speaking in the background
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