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Misty, Founder and Medium

From a young age Misty had multiple terrifying paranormal experiences and never realized what was truly happening to her until a friend had witnessed one of these events. After that Misty’s journey with the paranormal began. Over the years Misty developed and mastered her investigation skills. In 2008 she joined a seasoned paranormal investigation group in Northern Kentucky. From there her talents as an investigator and Medium were developed. Misty then decided to bring her years of experience to the great state of Florida. She and her family settled in Jacksonville, which is where Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast (PFC Paranormal) was born.

As a child Misty didn’t have anyone to help her understand the unexplained experiences she was having. From this beginning grew her desire to help people with their paranormal concerns and questions. Misty understands that extending a helping hand during a difficult time goes a long way, and she makes a point to listen and be understanding of each individual paranormal situation.

Tami, Lead Investigator

Tami was interested in the paranormal from a very young age and started reading books on the subject when she was in high school. Throughout her life, she's experienced numerous personal events from having prophetic dreams to witnessing apparitions, and she has the gift of clairsentience. Yet, in spite of this, she remains very skeptical. She always looks to the "normal" first to explain the paranormal. 

Carlos, Investigator and Consultant

As a personal development consultant and certified hypnotist/hypnotherapist, I enjoy helping people and organizations in finding their true passion in life. Paranormal investigating is similar in many ways to my life work as the discovery of what is hidden brings out the truth in any situation. I am a proud member of PFC Paranormal.

I have to admit that investigating the paranormal was not an interest of mine growing up. I was always very perceptive of my surroundings but not at the level of seeing unexplained activity. Somehow I knew that there was more to the random events happening around me. When I caught my first EVP, it cemented my belief that there is more "out there" than we realize. 

Tony, Investigator and IT Consultant

Tony has worked in the civil engineering field for over 30 years. This has given him the drive to search out alternative, or what others may call normal, paths for unexplained events before labeling them paranormal. Tony also brings with him a menagerie of talents: he currently owns his own graphics and vinyl decal company, manages a local haunted attraction, is the IT manager and project manager for a local engineering firm, and has years of experience in sound and video production.
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