Life Long Protector - PFC Paranormal

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Private Residence in the Westside Area of Jacksonville, Florida.

Overall this was one of PFC’s most active cases.  Funny enough the client was only asking for validation on the paranormal happenings in their home.  It started with the thermostat. The client would wake up seeing that the thermostat had been adjusted. Thinking it was his spouse he ignored it.  But as the occurrence increased, he spoke with his wife which denied it.  The client installed security camera in the home.  Once again, he got up seen the thermostat was adjusted so he returned to the camera system to see what happened.  He was surprised to see a white shadow move through the room.  Their dog can be seen on camera following the shadow as well. During the investigation PFC had 4 investigators there.
This case provided dozen of on command K2 hits, audible responses, knocking, and manifestations of light anomaly’s multiple times.  The Medium was able to pick up on a female that seemed to be a protector of the client.  We believe the client had this spirit since he was a child due to his illnesses.
This clip was caught during setup.  You’ll hear a few bangs in the background but a male comes through and states his name “Gabe”
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