Jeff - PFC Paranormal

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Jeff's interest in the spiritual aspect of life began very early thanks to an openness to other religions and other faiths in his family home.  Encounters with what might be considered "unusual" experiences pepper his childhood starting in the middle 1960s.  Jeff grew up in a military family and lived in many locations across the country. Later, after earning a History degree from UNF he continued the nomadic lifestyle chasing corporate promotions; including holding the position of sales director for a leading publisher of Comparative Religion and New Age Spirituality.  As a result his ability to relate to many different types of people in many different circumstances are a key feature of his personality.   Despite the ever changing landscape of his life his desire to find and understand spiritual truth continues to preoccupy him.  

Jeff is intuitive and discerning.  He hopes to be able to use his gifts to help others find answers, and a measure of peace, on both sides of the veil.
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