Boogey Man - PFC Paranormal

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Private Residence in the Arlington Area of Jacksonville, Florida.

This client had purchased the home to flip and sell.  But once they started working on the home, they fell in love with it.  Once they started the renovations of the home, they noticed their dog would react to unseen things.  The dog would watch something pace back and forth between their front door to the steps.  Then the dog would stare at the pantry door or watch something move in the kitchen. They had the home inspected for rodents but nothing was found.  The activity increased to conversations and footsteps coming from the second floor. Lastly a friend came over to spend the night.  She woke up to what looked like something breathing behind the window curtain. When she turned over, she seen a disfigured man.  
During the investigation PFC had 3 investigators.  The Medium provided information on a male and female spirit.  That night PFC experienced a shadow figure that paced the hallway.  We placed two K2 meters on either end which detected a presence pacing back and forth. We also heard running up the stairs. One of our investigators, Tony, was touched.  When PFC returned, we did find that the female was a previous owner still looking for her lost child.  The male we believe was brought in from a previous owner who practiced a dark magic of sorts.  We were able to document this via news articles and verbally.  PFC conducted a clearing of the home.  The client did end up selling the home, and the new owner reports no paranormal issues.
This clip is of the male, captured in the spare bedroom where the disfigured man was seen saying "Get Out of Here"
This clip is of the female, Misty was speaking with the homeowner about the original owners.  You’ll hear a female state “My Baby”
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