Depression and Spirit Attachments

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Depression and Spirit Attachments

Paranormal Investigators of the First Coast
Published by Misty Evans in Attachments · 23 May 2022
It’s no secret that Spirit attachment happens.  Whether it’s addiction, depression, or spiritual (demonic) influenced there have been documented cases of this throughout the centuries.  Being a paranormal investigator, I have had a few tag along with me home.  But I was able to remove the attachment myself and cleanse it out of my home.  You may ask why this happens?  Well, let me explain in simple terms.  Like attracts like.  Let say a person passes away from an overdose or maybe they were an alcoholic when they were alive.  When you pass on you don’t lose your likes and dislikes.  Sometimes if a human spirit is stuck and doesn’t move on, they will look for the same energy they had.  The alcoholic will be drawn to a living alcoholic so they can still feel that “high” so to speak.  

Now where the issue comes in is when the spirit starts to take over or you start expressing some of their feelings and emotions.  This can be odd behavior you’ve never expressed before or thoughts that doesn’t really seem you.  Sometimes spirits can start to lash out if let’s say the person enters rehab or tries to sober up.  Additional unexplained activity can happen in the home or around you.  This is the spirit trying to lash out and prevent you from moving forward.  

Depression can be just as ugly as the next thing.  Speaking from personal experience, I lost my mom very unexpectedly in 2020.  She left behind my disabled dad which I moved down to Jax with me.  None of us was prepared for all the paperwork and uprooting of my dad to FL.  The mental exhaustion took such a toll I feel into a complete depression.  Then a year later my dad had a massive heart attach and ended up in the hospital till his passing this past April.  

During this time, my husband and I felt a presence in the home, and it wasn’t a good one.  I did my normal cleansing which I’m very proficient at and it didn’t even make a dent in this energy.  Just like addiction, depression tares down your protective and spiritual walls.

This allows those nasty spirits to creep in and feed off your negative energy and even cause havoc in your home.  I ended up reaching out to a close friend that had to come in and assist me a few times in clearing this energy out of my home and even cleansing myself.  
The main lesson from this post is that it’s ok to not be perfect it happens to the best of us!  We all make mistakes, and we all go through traumatic times.  Which in turn can cause some nasty spirits to creep into our lives.  PFC has helped dozens of people like this or even like you reading this post.  You’re not crazy…if you feel like something maybe attached to you reach out and speak to someone.  It could be a priest, pastor, doctor, or even a paranormal group like PFC.  But at least speak to someone like I did.  We can’t always carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.  

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