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Clay Theater Greencove Springs, Florida
We had the honor to investigate this historical building in Clay County. The staff had stated they had heard voices from a baby crying in the lobby, a male voice in the upstairs office, faucets turning on in the kitchen, and creepy feelings in the storage room.  During the investigation we experienced audible voices, shadow figures, and light anomaly's.
Camp Blanding Area Clay County, Florida
TV will lead you to believe that demonic cases happen all the time, when in actuality they are very rare.  This case took place in a small 3 bedroom trailer in Middleburg.  The client claimed their child had been scratched and was seen with black eyes.  They would hear screams and voices throughout the home and smells of death and sulfur.  A full body apparition was seen walking through their kitchen and opening the fridge.
Fort Caroline Area Jacksonville, Florida
This client had been experiencing paranormal activity all of her life.  But it seemed to increase once she moved in with her husband to be.  Both the husband & wife had audible heard a little girl speaking to them.  Things would move within the home, and their dogs would follow something throughout the house as well.  
During the investigation the PFC team experienced a lot of electrical interference even though the K2 sweep didn't show any out of ordinary spikes.  The investigators also heard a female voice and experienced a shadow person.  This client you will hear one of our investigators speaking.  She will reply with a "Yea" and directly after that you'll hear a mimic "Yea" in a different voice.  A spirit mimicking someone if fairly common within investigations.
Personal Residence Middleburg, Florida
This family had lived in the home for 5 years with no activity.  But the client had her baby monitor on and heard a mans voice state the babies name.  No one was in the room or home other than her and the child.  From then on the had experienced a shadow person, voices of a male, female, and child.  The infants toys would go off on demand.  
During the investigation PFC experienced a toy moving on its own.  A tall lamp was shaken violently when no one was in the room.  Along with audible voices.
This clip was captured in the babies room...
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